Advanced LEGO Weapons

What is this?

Due to the huge support I have gotten from my YouTube subscribers, I decided to start developing instruction manuals for some of my weapons. However, it turned out not to be that simple as none of the publishers I spoke to were interested in publishing my book. As I acquired programming skills, I realized that building a website with manuals would possibly be an even better idea than publishing a book. So this what I did.

Who am I?

My name is Frederik and I come from Denmark - the homeland of LEGO®. I have built creations with LEGO® bricks for as long as I remember, and at about the age of 10 I discovered the "Lego weapon community" on YouTube. I was extremely fascinated, and after many years, I mastered the art of developing shooting mechanisms. Besides my interest in building, I like hardball, FPV quadcopter racing and videogames.

How do I build?

Weapons created with LEGO® bricks are exposed to stress every time the weapon is fired. This does not mean that the bricks will break, but that the weapon might fall apart if not constructed properly. I build my weapons using durable, yet compact construction techniques that allow me to build thin and powerful LEGO® weapons. These complex builds can be hard to take apart if you want to change rubber bands. This is why I also focus on making the mechanisms easily accessible.

Acquiring bricks

LEGO® bricks bought directly from The LEGO Group can be quite expensive, which is why I can recommend buying used bricks. Buying used bricks gives you two advantages. #1 they are cheaper. #2 you get to pick exactly which type, what color and how many you need. I have listed a bill of materials (BOM) for each weapon to make it easier for you to acquire the pieces needed for each weapon. There is a variety of secondhand dealers, the biggest being BrickLink.

Software used

Creating the instruction manuals and this website would have been almost impossible without all the free software created by hardworking programmers. To create the website I have used the Bootstrap and jQuery libraries and SpriteSpin jQuery plugin. To create the instruction manuals I have used the official Lego Digital Designer, and some of the CAD programs that can be found on, including LDCad, LDView and LPub.


I do not take responsibility for any harm caused as a result of playing with these models nor does The LEGO Group. I strongly advice that you do not aim at any stranger or at anyone's face, even if you do not intend to shoot. I do not recommend flashing the weapons in public as the models are very realistic and might scare someone. That said, I do not consider LEGO® weapons dangerous. All i am saying is: Don't do anything stupid.
Created by: Fjederhaek
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